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Signs of Aging

Most of the changes in dog´s behavior relate to health problems. Common ones like fatigue, lost of memory, uncontrolled urination are in fact signs of aging which certainly need your attention.

Dogs age at varied rate, depending on breed, size, habit etc. In general, most dogs start to experience signs of aging at the age of 7. Some large breeds age even earlier, at around 5. Illnesses and diseases occur more frequently on aging dogs. Therefore, it is important to learn the common signs of aging and keep aware on the changes of these signs in order to take preventive measures to protect your loved dogs.

Skin begins to lose its elasticity and become more sensitive
More susceptible to infection and inflammation such as eczema
Hair getting dull and grey, particularly at muzzle
Excessive hair loss

Weakening of bones
Joints fracture
Bad breath
Tilting or shedding of teeth, leading to loss of interest in hard food and appetite, sometimes even refuse to eat

Muscle atrophy
Reducing muscle strength and tone
Easy to get hurt and fatigue

Diminished sight
Eye problems such as presbyopia and cataract
Often knock against obstacles at home
Impaired hearing
Irresponsive to calling and external changes
Sudden barks for no reason.

Frequent coughing
Difficulty in breathing and tired easily

Senile dementia
Irresponsive or always looks anxious
Sleep more
Change of habits, such as taste, playing preferences and toileting
Recession of memory and disorientation
Difficult to recognize people and place

Drop in immunity
More susceptible to infections and diseases, tumors or cancers
Slow recovery from wounds and illnesses
Loss in appetite
Sudden loss in body weight
Get tired easily and like to nap more often
Frequent urinations and incontinence

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