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Efficacy of Lingzhi
In a nutshell, aging and disease are results of degeneration that affects the body’s ability to regulate its functions. Add to that is the declining rate of cell regeneration that weakens the immunity. To effectively prevent aging and ailment, bodily equilibrium must be restored while improving the immune system. A number of Chinese herbs or health supplements can enhance the immunity, but only Lingzhi can regulate bodily functions and restore their internal system simultaneously.

The therapeutic power of Lingzhi in preventing and reversing the aging process has been recognised since time immemorial:

  1. It enhances the immune system, controls cancer cell, eradicates tumours, and enables normal cell growth;
  2. Its anti-allergy function alleviates symptoms such as bronchitis and asthma;
  3. It protects and strengthens the liver, enables detoxification, and can be used to treat chronic hepatitis;
  4. It prevents and improve diabetic conditions;
  5. It promotes cardiac health and improves blood circulation;
  6. It provides relief to allergic conditions including allergic dermatitis and allergic bronchitis, etc;
  7. Its anti-neurasthenia function calms the mind, improves sleeping quality, stimulates appetite, invigorates the body as well as boosts memory power;
  8. 8. Its antioxidative properties removes free radicals accumulated in the body, prevents lipid peroxidation, increases blood oxygen, protects normal cells, delays aging and promotes metabolism.

Product Safety Endorsed by Renowned Laboratory
Clinical researches have confirmed that Lingzhi Polysaccharides is an ideal health supplement that can effectively boost immunity, fortify the body against bacteria and viral infection, thus minimising the chances of dogs falling ill while keeping them fit and healthy.

Product Safety Endorsed by Renowned Laboratory
Clinical researches have proven that use of Lingzhi can effectively boost the immune system of dogs, promote their metabolism, slow down their aging process, and reverse their signs of aging. But Polysaccharide, the main element of Lingzhi, cannot be readily digested and absorbed by dogs readily as it is a complex carbohydrate. The shorter bowel of dogs and the lack of enzyme in their saliva also make it difficult for them to digest carbohydrates. For dogs to absorb and benefit from its therapeutic wonders, Lingzhi must be treated and formulated with their unique digestive system in mind.

PetzUp® Lingzhi Formula for Aging Dogs is the only Lingzhi product specially formulated for the benefits of dogs. Its newly developed formula has been researched and proven to suit the unique digestive system of dogs, therefore beneficial for the absorption of the active ingredients of Lingzhi, resulting in an overall stronger immune system and prevent the early onset of diseases in aging dogs.

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