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Proper hair care
Outdoor activities make your dog dirty and smelly, prompting many owners to bathe their pet once or more a week. Frequent bathing however causes imbalance in the dog’s sebum secretion, leading to dry skin and pain caused by irritated skin. It is therefore recommendable to bathe your dog once every month at most. During dry and cold seasons, bathing should only be done once every month or every two months.

At the end of an outing, you can simply wash your dog’s paws in lukewarm water. In case of dirt attached to his body, you are recommended to use a mild shampoo on the affected area and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

The right way to bathe your dog
Shampoo specially formulated for dogs should be used;
Before bathing, brush and remove tangles from the coat;
Use cotton balls to shield the ears from water if necessary and express the dog’s anal glands;
When washing your pet, use lukewarm water to completely wet the body. Avoid his face, eyes and ears;
Apply soap on the neck and back of your dog and produce a rich lather, then rinse all soap out of the coat using plenty of clean water;
Use a towel to partially dry your pet buddy’s coat after bathing and brushing, followed by a hairdryer to prevent him from getting cold.

Winter care for your furry friend
To reduce the risk of skin diseases, your pet should take sunbaths on a porch or yard for a reasonable amount of time;
Comb your dog regularly to clear away debris and dandruff in order to keep him groomed, ward off unpleasant smell, and bring gleam to his hair;
Paws that are wet or dirty must be cleaned and dried immediately. Put paw balm to nourish his paws or treat him to a paw spa to prevent the skin from cracking.

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