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The Product
Research & Tailor-made to Suit Dogs´ Unique Digestive System
Product Safety Endorsed by Renowned Laboratory
Directions of Use
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The Product

Boost Up Dog´s Immunity to Combat Cancer
Enhance the Result of Cancer Therapies

Minimize Its Side Effects. Improve the Mental & Physical Wellbeing of Cancer Dogs

PetzUp® Yunzhi Formula for Dogs with Cancer is the first Chinese Medicine specifically researched and formulated for dogs in fighting cancer. With years of research and study, it is proven to contain high content of Yunzhi Polysaccharides which is scientifically demonstrated to stimulate white blood cells, bone marrow cells and macrophages, which would enable dogs´ immune system to destroy or inhibit the growth of cancer cells. It is therefore an effective and reliable immunobooster for dogs to combat cancer in cancer therapy.

Besides from boosting up the immunity of dogs, PetzUp® Yunzhi Formula for Dogs with Cancer can also be used in combination with other conventional cancer treatments. It can alleviate the pain and side effects caused by cancer drugs, radiotherapy and chemotherapy such as hair loss, vomiting, loss of appetite and severe weight loss, strengthening dog´s bodily immune system to complete the whole cancer treatment. As a result, it helps to restore the depressed immunological response and therefore improves the well-being of those dogs undergoing conventional cancer treatments and increases their chance of survival.

Traditional cancer therapies likes surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy would cause great pain and side effects to your lovely dog. Most vets feel it is not ethical for a dog to suffer during treatment, therefore they would advise not to take any of these therapies to preserve dog´s quality of life in many of the cancer cases. For these dogs without taking any therapies or those who are at convalescent period, PetzUp® Yunzhi Formula for Dogs with Cancer could help to uplift the immunity, activate the immune cells and improve the overall well-being of dogs. It helps to minimize the spread of cancer cells and prolong survival time.

Research & Tailor-made to Suit Dogs�� Unique Digestive System
PetzUp® Yunzhi Formula for Dogs with Cancer has been researched to suit the unique digestive system of dogs. Given that dogs have shorter digestive tract and less digestive enzyme, the unique formula and high water-solubility of PetzUp® Yunzhi Formula for Dogs with Cancer could enhance the absorption of Yunzhi Polysaccharides and minimize the wastage of these active ingredients, therefore resulting in higher efficacy in strengthening the immune system to defend against cancer. It is only this specific formulation of Yunzhi extract that suits dogs´ digestive system and gives the best treatment efficacy to your lovely dogs.

Product Safety Endorsed by Renowned Laboratory
PetzUp® Yunzhi Formula for Dogs with Cancer is made from 100% natural Yunzhi and has obtained certificates of micro-biology, heavy metals, pesticides and toxicity tests from the worldly-renowned independent testing laboratory SGS (HK) Ltd. Product safety and reliability are therefore guaranteed. It has no side effects and is an ideal adjuvant cancer therapy for dogs with cancer.

Ingredients: Natural Yunzhi, Meat & Bone Meal
  Dosage & Administration
Administrate according to one of the following ways:-
1) Put the capsule directly into the dog´s mouth OR
2) Pull open the capsule and mix the granules inside with food OR
3) Pull open the capsule, dissolve the granules into water (6-10 cc approx)
using the enclosed measuring cup and feed with syringe.
1. For dogs undergoing or prior to surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy:
Small Breed (1-5kg) or Medium Breed (5-15kg): 2 capsules, once daily
Large Breed (above 15kg): 3 capsules, once daily

Start from 7 days before the above therapy to 6 months after the completion
of the therapy

  2. For dogs during convalescence after cancer treatment:
Small Breed (1-5kg) or Medium Breed (5-15kg): 1 capsule, once daily
Large Breed (above 15kg): 2 capsules, once daily

  3. For dogs without or unable to undergo any cancer treatment:
Small Breed (1-5kg) or Medium Breed (5-10kg): 3 capsules, once daily
Large Breed (above 15kg): 4 capsules, once daily or as directed by veterinarian

Note: Suitable for long term consumption or as directed by veterinarian

  Packing: 60 capsules / bottle, net weight 20.4g(Syringe and measuring cup enclosed)
  Storage: Keep in a cool dry place

Suggested Price: HK $1100
  Availability: Major pet shops and vet clinics in Hong Kong, Kowloon & New Territories.
Or Where to Buy for details.

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