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The Product
Research & Tailor-made to Suit Dogs´ Unique Digestive System
Product Safety Endorsed by Renowned Laboratory
Directions of Use
Availability & Pricing

The Product
Specially formulated to care for the dog’s skin and hair, PetzUp® Healthy & Shiny Hair Formula is a Chinese herbal supplement that has proven to significantly enhance blood circulation to hair follicles, giving them the needed nutrition and oxygen. PetzUp® Healthy & Shiny Hair Formula quickly rejuvenates degenerated hair follicles, prevents hair loss, while adding sheen and vitality to your pet’s hair.

PetzUp® Healthy & Shiny Hair Formula promises to make a difference as:
It rejuvenates degenerated and dying hair follicles;
It regulates hormonal imbalance and sebum secretion;
It effectively prevents hair shedding, and promotes growth of stronger and shinier hair;
It activates the cells that produce hair colour, thereby giving richer colour to the hair while preventing premature gray hair or dry skin;
It promotes a healthy coat and improves hair texture by enhancing blood circulation, maximizing oxygen uptake and optimizing nutrient absorption by hair follicles.

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Research & Tailor-made to Suit Dogs’ Unique Digestive System
PetzUp® Healthy & Shiny Hair Formula is the only natural Chinese herbal combo formula specially formulated for promoting dog’s healthy and shiny hair. Its sophisticated and precisely-calibrated formula has been thoroughly researched and proven to suit the unique digestive system of your pet, thereby enhancing the absorption of the supplement to achieve stronger and shinier hair.

Product Safety Endorsed by Renowned Laboratory
PetzUp® Healthy & Shiny Hair Formula is made from natural Chinese herbs and has obtained safety certificates of microbiology, heavy metals and pesticides from world-renowned testing laboratory. Product safety and reliability are guaranteed. The strictly natural Chinese herbal formula contains no Western drug ingredients. It has no side effects and is suitable for prolonged use.

Directions of Use
Radix Polygoni Multiflori Praeparata Cum Succo Glycines Sotae, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Lingzhi, Semen Cuscutae, Meat & Bone Meal
Small Breed (1-5kg) or Medium Breed (5-15kg) 1 capsule daily
Large Breed (above 15kg) 2 capsules daily
Put the capsule directly into the dog’s mouth; or
Pull open the capsule and mix the granules inside with food; or
Pull open the capsule, dissolve the granules into water (6cc approx.) using the enclosed measuring cup and feed with syringe (Refer to the enclosed product insert for details).
60 capsules/bottle, net weight 22.8g (syringe and measuring cup enclosed)
Keep in a cool dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Availability & Pricing
Suggested Price:
HK $580
Retail outlets:
Major pet shops and vet clinics in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories. Or see Where to Buy for details.

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