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Health & Care
Care for Puppies
Puppies’ bodily functions will be fully developed in about 12 months since birth. During this period, their bones are fragile. Strenuous exercise or difficult posture may cause bone fractures or impede their growth. Their level of immunity remains low, thereby warranting vaccination and keeping their living environment clean. From their diet, exercising, toileting behaviour, we can learn more about their health conditions:
Female dogs will discharge colostrums within three days after giving birth. Feeding on first milk on a daily basis will boost the immunity of puppies through the so called “transfer of maternal antibodies' process.
The level of colostrums antibodies will decline in about two months. Puppies need to be vaccinated to safeguard against possible diseases.
The time at which colostrum antibodies disappear varies. If vaccination is administered when the antibodies are still active, the antibodies may block the effects of vaccines. A booster shot needs to be administered one month after the first shot (for three consecutive times).
The effects of vaccines will wane roughly after one year, another shot needs to be scheduled one year after the third injection.

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