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Health & Care
Provide a clean and warm environment:Give your cancer dog support and warmth. Create a clean environment for his living to minimize his contacts with dust, pesticides, pollutants or toxic substances. Feed him with filtered water.
Give appropriate nutrients and supplements: A good diet is essential for the cancer dogs, yet don´t try to push him to eat, if he doesn´t want to eat. High quality dog foods are essential to maintain his healthiness. Supplements like vitamins A and C are good for cancer dogs too. Chinese herb like Yunzhi is also good for strengthening their immunity and assist their recovery.
Feed small meals more frequently: Dogs with cancer or dogs who are undergoing cancer therapy might lose appetite. Hence feeding them food in small quantity would help to improve their appetite and facilitate digestion.
Moistening the food: Moistening the food in small pieces with water would make the dogs easier to eat, especially when they don´t feel like to eat. Adding canned food or broth on food might also enhance their interest to eat.

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