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Health & Care
Care for Senior Dogs
Senior dogs need special care and attention. Here are some tips for you:-
Exercise more
Control weight. Don´t overfeed
Be alert on the changes of your dog´s body & health
Maintain the daily routine for your dog
Create a comfortable environment (not too hot nor wet) for your dog
Clean their teeth, ears and comb daily
Balanced diet with appropriate supplements
Clean and fresh water for your dog
Feed small meals more frequently. It would help to improve their appetite and facilitate digestion.
Moistening the food: Old dogs might feel not interested in eating. Moistening the food in small pieces with water would make the dogs easier to eat, especially when they don´t feel like to eat. Adding canned food or broth on food might also enhance their interest to eat.
Visit veterinarian frequently
Consult veterinarian for problems & regular check up
Give positive recognition and emotional support. Spend more time with your senior dog, and do all you can to keep them active, happy and loved.

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