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Dogs' immunity starts with eating healthy
To give your beloved pet a head start to healthy life, a well-balanced diet is essential. Here are some pointers to his nutritional needs.

Meat is not only crucial to the development of bones and regeneration of cells, but it also boosts metabolism. Yet meat should not take up more than 50% of the dog’s diet as their body requires other nutrients to thrive.
Fat found in meat and vegetables provides fatty acid necessary for your dog’s development, making the skin and hair healthier and shinier.
Carbohydrates from grains, rice, pasta, dry dog food and potatoes can add to the portion size and promote intestinal healthiness.
A daily fluid intake of 150cc is essential.
It contains theobromine which is harmful to your dog’s heart and nervous system, and might even result in lethal poisoning.
Onion and garlic
The sulphur chemicals they contain will damage the dog’s red blood cells and cause anaemia
Bones of two-limbed animals
The hard and sharp bones can easily puncture your pet’s oesophagus, mouth, and bowel.
Cow and pig bones
Small cow or pork bones might tear the digestive tract or cause intestinal blockage.
Mouldy food
Consumption might lead to muscle cramps and muscular dystrophy which can be fatal.
Raw food
Raw or undercooked food contains large quantity of bacteria including Salmonella Poona that might cause food-poisoning.
Greasy food
Obesity and pancreatitis are two health threats associated with consumption of greasy food.
Long-term consumption of sweet food might result in diabetes and obesity.
Shrimps & crabs
Make your pet prone to diarrhoea and parasitic infestation
Less than half a teaspoon of salt can be lethal to a dog.
Raw eggs
Raw eggs are harmful to the hair and skin, therefore not recommended of dogs.
Dogs are not built to digest lactose found in milk so you should refrain from feeding them milk or dairy products such as cheese and cream, etc.

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