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Nutrition critical to canines’ hair and skin
The condition of your dog’s coat depends on the nutrients being absorbed into his body. The key ones are protein, fatty acid, zinc, Vitamins A & E, niacin (Vitamin B), riboflavin (Vitamin B2), pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) and biotin.

Deficiency in any of the key nutrients will affect your pet’s coat, even jeopardise his life. Here are a few tips to optimise your animal friend’s health and achieve shinier coat.

Pork (lean),beef (lean) and chicken
Abnormal keratinisation of skin and hair
Skin prone to cuts, hair breaking off easily
Slowing, even cessation of hair growth
Hair discolouring
Damage to surface lipids or abnormalities, greasy scales on skin
Fatty acid
Meat and plant
Dull hair
Dry flaky skin
Impulsive behaviour
Prone to fat-soluble vitamins deficiency
Affecting growth, lethal in worst case
Whole wheat bread, chicken, beef stew, nuts, green vegetables
Hair loss, balding
Skin rashes, inflammation, crusts and ulcer
Incomplete keratinisation of skin and hair
Vitamin A
Hair loss
Coarse skin and hair
Excessive keratinisation of follicles
Crust on skin
Weak muscles
Causing deafness, external otitis and paralysis in worst case
Other respiratory, digestive, reproductive, urinary problems
May be lethal
Vitamin E
Apples, carrots and chicken
Coarse hair and skin, exceptionally dark hair colour
Skin cuts for puppies and female dogs
Atopic dermatitis
Moderate diarrhea
reproductive problem
Weak muscles
Hypodermic or internal bleeding
Niacin (Vitamin B3)
Liver, lean meat and whole wheat bread
Scratching or biting due to itchiness, resulting in traumatic dermatitis
Red lips
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
Vegetables & fruits, liver and cooked eggs
Scaly dermatitis
Scaly dermatitis and red rashes on rear limbs, chest and abdomen
Corneal opacity
Weak muscles
Eyes excreting water- and pus-like substances
Staggering in worst case
pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5)
Hair loss
Discolouring of hair
Soft tissue like the skin becoming flaky
Skin ulcer on shoulders, neck and back
Diarrhea, pavovirum, gastritis
Poor appetite
Movement affected possibly due to lack of pantothenic acid that is harmful to neurological function
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6 )
Wheat germ and malt
Skin cuts
Poor growth
Neurological disorders
Reducing generation of antibodies
Impeding movement of amino acids
Fruits and liver
Discolouring of fur
Skin cuts
Poor hair growth
Excessive keratinization
Injury to paws
Numbness in rear limbs
Concentration of dried discharge around the eyes