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Dogs age at varied rate, depending on breed, size, habit etc. As your dog ages, his bodily functions might become less efficient and hence you need to put more attention on their daily nutrient in order to keep them healthy. Here are some tips:-

  Lesser fat, lower calories: Obesity is a common problem for old dogs, which would lead to various health problems. Therefore, try to avoid food high in fat and calories.
  More antioxidants: Found in food with richer colors, such as grapes, broccoli, beans, carrots, yams, dark green vegetable etc. Help to protect good body cells and delay aging.
  Sufficient protein (but not too much)
  Sufficient mineral and vitamins: Though old dogs normally do not suffer from mineral and vitamin
deficiencies, attention stills needed as dogs have specific needs on vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, copper, potassium, sodium and chlorides.
  Higher in fiber to promote intestinal healthiness, prevent constipation and control weight.
  Proper health supplement: Including vitamin A, C, calcium, iron, glucosamine etc. Chinese herbs like Lingzhi would also help to improve the general health and prevent aging symptoms for dogs.

If your aged dog is suffering from a kind of diseases, we suggest you to seek for your veterinarian´s advice on his nutritional needs.

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