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Other than enhancing my dogs immunity, I also want him to exercise more.
What should I do?
Dogs are recommended to exercise three times a week, according to experts. Exercise can take the form of a walk or a jog. The amount of exercise needed depends on your pets age and size, and you are recommended to seek advice from an expert in order to refrain from over-exercising your canine.

Not only can the right amount of work out enhance blood circulation, help digestion and promote metabolism, it can also build his muscle and strengthen his immunity. A lack of exercise, on the contrary, will weaken his muscle, affect his agility, and may even cause paranoid behaviours like biting or excess barking.

Dogs should not exercise right after a meal or when they have an empty stomach for it can easily cause problems such as indigestion or bloating. Normally, exercise should start at least one hour after their meal to allow digestion.

Picking the right time is equally important. During summer and autumn, prolonged exposure to the sun may cause sunburn or heatstroke, or even skin cancer. It is therefore not advisable to exercise your pet between noon and 2:00 pm. Working out in the evening is preferable.

You should give your animal companion a hug or words of encouragement afterwards. It will help build your relationship and he will grow to like exercising.

Your dog should not drink excessive amount of water immediately before and after exercising as it will upset his stomach which may be lethal. He should consume water 30 minutes before and after the workout. Large breed puppies less than one year old should not exercise excessively as their muscles and bones are still developing, otherwise it may cause long-term repercussions.

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